The Sheffield Company is a boutique consultancy that helps your organization gain alignment quickly around a strategic message that establishes a clear direction. Working with Fortune 500 firms, military leaders and high-growth organizations, Sheffield helps them rally around a singular narrative that’s simple, memorable and moves their people to action. Through its subsidiary, The Brief Lab, the company teaches senior leaders and key stakeholders how to tell the story clearly and concisely. Sheffield is a privately held firm headquartered in Chicago that was founded in 2006 by Joseph McCormack.

Turning leaders into Lean Communicators

The Brief Lab is a subsidiary of Sheffield that helps senior leaders and key stakeholders get aligned around a common narrative. Building on the clarity and consensus gained during a Narrative Mapping Workshop, The Brief Lab teaches professionals how to communicate the story clearly, concisely and consistently. Offering a variety of interactive courses and workshops that range from 90-minutes to two days, The Brief Lab equips key stakeholders with the tools and methodology for being lean communicators. Visit The Brief Lab.

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